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Chiropractic clinics 2022


Kay McCarroll

Clinics for people

Keith: 8th - 9th

Inverness: 10th - 11th

Animal treatments

Caithness to Alness: 20th

Inverness-shire/Elgin & Morayshire, 21st - 22nd

Aberdeenshire: 23rd - 24th


Steve Yang

Clinics for people

Inverness: 15th

Keith: 5th-7th


A message from Kay and Steve

We would like to thank you for your continued support and cooperation throughout this pandemic. With the Prime Minister announcing plans starting tomorrow for ‘Living with Covid’ we would like to remind all patients that our normal infection and control protocols will remain in place.

This means that face coverings will still be advisable for those who are not exempt and if you have Covid symptoms or test positive for Covid, please let us know and we will be happy to rebook your appointment.

Healthcare Professionals are still required to isolate from work if they have Covid or symptoms of Covid. Should this occur we may need to cancel your appointment at short notice and rebook for a future date.

We have been here all through the Pandemic to support you and your family with your health care and will remain to do so.

We appreciate your anticipated cooperation and look forward to seeing you for your next appointment in good health.

Kind regards,

Kay and Stephen


The Highlands & Orkney McTimoney Chiropractic Group comprises clinics in Inverness, Keith and Orkney for people and Kay McCarroll’s wide-ranging animal treatments over most of the Highlands and Orkney. All the Chiropractors are fully qualified and registered with the General Chiropractic Council.

At the clinics for people and animals we use the McTimoney Technique

It is the gentleness of the technique and the treatment of the whole body that distinguishes the McTimoney Method from other manipulative therapies. 

This gentle process is suitable for most people. Contact your local Chiropractor to discuss your situation.

The consultation process is designed to indicate if it is appropriate to refer someone for medical screening.

Chiropractic does not involve the use of drugs or surgery.  It originated in 1895 in the USA and is one of the largest healthcare professions in the world.

In addition to long experience in treating people using McTimoney Method of Chiropractic, Kay McCarroll is an experienced McTimoney Animal Chiropractor.  She works with a range of large and small animals and covers a wide area of the Highlands treating animals. Horses, bulls, cows, sheep and goats can be visited on location by

All Chiropractors who treat animals work under the Veterinary Act, specifically the Exemption Order of 1962. Chiropractic treatment offered to  animals is under the direction or knowledge of a vet.  Click here for areas covered.


    For details of Orkney clinics for people and animals, click here